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Motion Graphics

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Mowgli TV

Mowgli TV is a multimedia artist and performer with over 20 years of experience. His portfolio spans commissions for the BBC, permanent sound-reactive video installations, touring visuals for world-class acts, VJing for underground clubs, art & music festivals and events. His award-winning multimedia and interactive work has been on show at Burning Man, V&A Museum, The British Film Institute and VJ London and is in the permanent collection of The Computer Arts Society. He was co-director of VJ London for over 10 years, creating communities, events and festivals for the dissemination and promotion of VJ culture.


Resolume VJing & Real-Time Motion Graphics is a 12-week course of live online classes taught by tutor Mowgli TV in partnership with Music Hackspace. The course provides the necessary latest skills, techniques and first-hand industry insight into the methodology, workflow and tips and tricks to perform and create live visuals for music & events.

This course can be completed using Resolume Arena. The demo is fully operational, it just has a watermark on the output. Students should have the demo up and running to do the course. No previous experience is necessary to do the course.

What You'll Learn

  • Introduction to Resolume
  • Deck organization
  • Applying effects
  • Envelopes & FFT
  • Real-time generative visuals
  • Creative effects use
  • Real-time text effects
  • Live control
  • Performance Composition & Deck
  • Performing
  • Live performance

Resolume - VJing & Real-Time Motion Graphics will consist of:

  • 12 x 2 hour live online classes
  • All classes recorded for use (during the course only)
  • Interactive group challenges
  • Music Hackspace Graduate Certificate of Excellence
  • 50% discount on your first year subscription to Music Hackspace


"Mowgli TV is a rare talent in the creative space. Not only is he an exceptional illustrator and fine artist but he also possesses a truly inquisitive mind that drives him to constantly acquire and strengthen creative skills and techniques. I was always struck by how his blend of Spanish roots and English design school could be relied upon to generate markedly different ideas than those which came from a typical Anglo-Saxon design team, and that was a real bonus." Toby Luther, CEO Americas at Freedom

"Mowgli TV is a very knowledgeable, perceptive and multi disciplined designer. During his year-long contract with us he’s proven to be more than capable at leading the design project from inception right the way through to launch. Manuel takes a pragmatic approach to the brief; always thinking about the wider impact of the requirements." Phil Wright, User Experience Consultant at Direct Line Group

"Mowgli TV is an exceptional illustrator, very talented, very creative, extremely competent artist on all aspects of making a high-quality work, from web design, graphic design, story boarding to flash animations and motion graphics. A good team player willing to help and step in when he sees a need. He always has a positive attitude, he is confident and extremely professional". Ina Kes, Frontend

"Mowgli TV kept challenging me with very interesting and creative animation tasks and problems, delivered a very high quality design and was a great leader throughout my whole time at the TRC. I'd love to work with him in the future and would highly recommend to anyone." Lukas N, Technical Business Analyst



Instructor : Manuel Barrio
Duration : 24h
Lectures : 12
Course level : Intermediate
Language : English
Start Date : March | June | September | November